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Premium, unique, authentic artwork that's easy to enjoy


  • Premium
    Each piece of artwork is produced using high quality archival watercolor paper.

  • Unique
    Each print is individually touched up and signed by the artist.

  • Authentic
    Every piece of artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.

  • Easy to Enjoy
    Art works are mounted on US made solid wood panel with painted sides. It is ready to hang right out of the box! No framing needed.


An inside look at our prints and paintings.

  You appreciate good art, and you want to own a piece of art works. You want it to feel premium and unique, to be personal, and to complement your good taste.

  Or you want a gift for someone whom you love or care. Maybe for a birthday, holiday or housewarming. You want something meaningful, something they get to enjoy everyday and will think of you!

Owning a piece of artwork is exhilarating

  When is the last time you went to an art gallery? You saw a piece of artwork that you liked — a "signed lithograph" that cost $600. You bit the bullet and purchased the print, only to find out it came in a tube. Custom framing cost another $150, and by the way, "shipping and handling" was another $160. After about 12 weeks, the painting finally arrived. It was heavy and bulky, and a drag to hang. I know, because I was that person. 

  Buying artwork should be a luxurious experience, and it should be easy and hassle-free!

I spent the past year figuring out how to bring you the highest quality art and purchase experience!

I only use high quality, archival watercolor paper for my prints


Watercolor is a perfect medium for reproduction. It is water-based paint on paper which is the same for the print. Each and every print we have is printed with highest quality ink on archival watercolor paper.  The texture, color and details from the original works are faithfully reproduced. 


I personally touch up each print to enhance the authenticity. I also hand-sign each print by hand. So the print you get isn’t just a simple reproduction, but a unique copy that has personal touch on it. No two prints will be the same!

After examing the print. I touch up with gauche directly onto each print.

Earch certificate has our unique embossed foil on it


Each print comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity. Showing that you are a proud owner of the artwork!

Easy to Enjoy

Each of my prints is mounted on a US-made solid wood panel. They are painted on the side, so you can hang them on the wall right out of the box without any framing! This glass-free presentation also preserves the beautiful matte finish that watercolor paintings were meant to have. It is light weight so it would be very easy to hang by one person. In most cases you can hang it on a single push-pin!

US made solid wood panel for mounting the paintings and prints

Custom Framing

 The prints you purchase will be ready to hang and will look great without any framing. But why not make it more premium with our custom framing? We use mid-width floating frame that will gently cradle your art without overpowering it. This beautiful framing will give you the sleek and clean look while accentuate the artwork! And if you prefer the classic wood framing with mat and glaze on top, we offer that too!

Click/tap the images to see them framed

Eric’s eye for detail stood out the moment I saw his first watercolor. I followed his page immediately on Facebook so I could see more of his work. He captures the beauty in his work and has a way of making you want to visit the places he is painting. He authentically enjoyed painting my daughter and it turned out magical. He is a kind and thoughtful person. I couldn’t love the painting more. It’s hanging in our entry which we get to enjoy multiple times a day. Anyone who comes in our home are greeted with this picture. We are so happy we have his art in our house.
— Jennifer Beeler, WA

Eric has the ability to capture not just how his subjects look, but how they make you feel. His works have an almost dreamlike quality, and are as close to tangible memories as anything I’ve ever seen. While not photorealistic, his pieces are emotionally realistic. If photos are a visual record, Eric’s work is a record of the heart. His pieces convey passion first, and appearance second, in incredibly beautiful harmony.
— Justin Michael, AZ

If you’re considering purchasing a print or original piece from Cafe Watercolor, stop considering. Do it! The artwork is beautiful and delivered with every level of thoughtfulness. Not only did I love the print that I purchased, which was very high quality and almost looked like an original, but Eric included an original piece with our order as a gift. Eric goes above and beyond to make your experience with his work a just as artful as the art itself.
— Kristiana Miller, Dublin Ireland

30-day money-back guarantee

 We believe in the quality of our artwork, but if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you in 30 days and pay for your return shipment, no questions asked. In an unlikely event that your artwork arrives damaged, we will happily ship a new one to you! It is our commitment to bring you the best buying experience.