The importance of vacation - Free PDF guide!


 Vacation has become an essential part of our lives. People used to relate the word “vacation” with something luxurious and extravagant. However, the term has been redefined in today’s lifestyle. Vacation is not about spending money to travel overseas, staying at a fancy hotel, and dining in an expensive restaurant. It is about unplugging yourself from the daily routine and hustle, creating memories with your loved ones, and experiencing what our beautiful world has to offer. If you can afford to go to some of the popular vacation destinations in foreign countries, that’s wonderful. But a vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. There might be a place where you can get away with just a few hours of driving. I went to Victoria, BC a few weeks back for two days and it was a wonderful experience. I came back emotionally recharged and refreshed. That two-day trip gave me great memories and experiences.

 More and more people are looking to do more traveling as young as they can. People are starting to understand that our life on this planet is limited. My dream is to travel the world with my wife at some point in my life. There is an old Chinese saying: “A scholar does not step outside his gate, yet he knows the happenings under the sun.” And while I understand what they mean by that, I have to say knowing and experiencing is completely different! Not to mention the memories you get to create with your loved ones, and how those memories will bring you closer to them. My parents have been divorced for over eight years now. Although I know that was the best solution they could think of for their relationship, it was still a very painful experience for me. However, the memories of the trips we took as a family when I was young give me comfort. Knowing that our time together as a family wasn’t always difficult and hurtful is important to me. It reassures me that I was loved and accepted. We shared wonderful times together as a family even it didn’t end the way we wanted it to. Now that I have my own family I do my best to keep us together with love. I understand the power of positive and good memories, and I want to create them for my family as often as I can. While it is not always easy to travel with three small children, the photos we took during our vacation tour became the testimony of the time we shared. As an artist, I often take a step further and turn some of these photos into paintings. The testimonies then become visual stories. Stories that I can not only share with my family but also with our friends. This is the most common theme I get to paint when it comes to commission work.

 Now, I want to offer something to you for free. I spent a few days putting together a PDF guide with 5 tips to take better vacation photos. Aside from being a fine artist, I also consider myself a self-taught photographer. These 5 tips are easy to follow and will help you to experience your next vacation more. If you follow these tips your photos will no longer look generic. You will be able to share your photos with your friends and reminisce about your experience on a deeper level. You can get this free PDF guide by answering a few simple questions HERE. I hope you have a wonderful summer, and I look forward to sharing more stories with you next week!