The power of portrait

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 Portrait has always been my favorite subject. That’s even before I went to art school. I love drawing comics when I was in high school. The thing I enjoy the most about drawing comic book is designing characters. In some way, designing and drawing characters allow me to become someone I am not. Perhaps someone who has more courage, wisdom, charisma, strength, and etc... I created stories  around the characters I designed. What’s their origin story? What makes them who they are? And what journey are they going to go on? I often draw myself into those thoughts during the class. I am much more interested in the stories I created than Shakespeare’s. After I got in to art college, the class I am most looking forward to is head drawing and head painting. Those classes empowered me to be able to paint and draw the people around me. I shifted from fantasy to reality. However, that didn't make the artistic experience any less exciting. Instead of creating my story, painting real-life people made me more observant and sensitive to others’ life and story. I came to realize that my artistic skill is now capable to serve a lot more people. 

 The best way to celebrate an individual for me is to paint a portrait of him/her. Whether it is celebrating their beauty, their achievement, their love, or my personal relationship with them, I believe portrait is perhaps the most intimate painting subject. I painted my wife since the year I met her as a friend. After a decade and a half I still paint her every now and then to express my love and celebrate our intimacy. I painted my grandma this year as a Mother’s Day gift for my mother. The portrait brought tears to her and her siblings. It triggered this deep emotion they have towards my grandma. When my mom visited us a few weeks ago, she told me her siblings want to make sure I hand her the painting and the prints for them. This is perhaps one of the best Mother’s Day gift I have given her.  Commission portrait is also a very popular service that I provide. In the process of talking with the clients, I get to listen to some amazing stories of the person they want me to paint. That made me feel like I was painting someone I know personally. And come to think of it, it is amazing and almost magical. The technology today allow us to take digital photos all the time. People have hundreds if not thousands of photos of their loved ones. However, one single painting/drawing always seems to rise above all! Such personal connection with others is so unique and powerful for me as an artist.

 So please tell me, if you want a portrait done for you, who will that be? Your spouse? Your children? Your parents? A special friend? A celebrity? Or perhaps yourself? Let me know! I’m really interested to hear from you!