The most feminine stage of my wife

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Get your own commission painting here


Everyone says kids grow up too fast and we as parents need to treasure every moment with them. While I agree with this wholeheartedly, there is another stage of my married life that went by much faster, and that is my wife’s pregnancy. A full-term pregnancy is nine months and in that short time there were some incredible changes in my life, from my wife’s physical appearance to our mental and emotional shift as we became parents. These memories, while not all pleasant, are something I want to capture and celebrate.

To me, these nine months were the most feminine time of my wife’s life. Only a female is capable of having a brand new life start and grow inside her. As a man, I will never be able to understand how that feels. I can only observe from a very close and intimate distance. As the baby grew larger in her belly, her breasts also grew fuller with the nutrients reserved for the baby. She started to have this beautiful mother’s glow when we gathered with friends and family. She became emotionally vulnerable but stronger at the same time. It is such a beautiful and feminine transformation from the inside out. It is so unique and to me it went by way too fast (though she often wanted to get past that stage because she was physically uncomfortable and there was a lot of uncertainty).

We have three lovely boys. While we often look through the photos of them when they were infants or toddlers, we rarely go back to the maternity photos and videos that I took. We aren’t trying to ignore them on purpose, but I think as our children are dominating a huge part of our life we tend to focus on them more. For this reason I did this painting of my wife from one of the photos I took when she was 8 months pregnant with our 3rd boy. I want to really celebrate that stage of her beauty and our life together. While there will be plenty of chances to see our children for the next decade or so, I am never going to see my wife in that uniquely feminine stage again. I hung the painting right next to our bed because it was such an intimate and personal time between us. As I framed and hung the painting, both of us felt so delighted because now we can enjoy the memory together everyday as we walk into our room. This piece of her beauty was captured and preserved for the rest of our life. This is something I am so passionate about as an artist: to be able to extract and celebrate the beautiful moments in life. I really hope I will have the chance to offer you and many others the same thing as I did for my own family. This has been a busy year, but I do still have a few commission spaces availability left before the holiday season.

Tell me about a special memory or stage of your and your loved one’s life that you think you should have celebrate more!