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This is an online joint to enjoy some watercolor paintings, learn about painting watercolor, and perhaps take a painting home for you and your loved ones! You can go right into the content of my website here. Or you can continue to scroll down to learn more about me and what I'm about!

Taking my shift at Café Watercolor


 I like to share bite-size values that help people who are currently learning watercolor.

My Paintings

 Even though I try to tackle multiple different subjects. Scenery and People are my focus. Scenery gives you the immersive experience, and portrait gives intimacy.

My Course

Watercolor Essential is a course that empowers you - an aspiring watercolor artist with the knowledge you need to start painting your favorite subject in watercolor!


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Premium, unique, authentic artwork that's easy to enjoy

 I wanted to reach out to more people with my paintings. While internet is a great place to share my works, there's nothing more personal and intimate than owning a physical product from an artist. You don't have to settle for the mass produced prints. Each product you purchase here has my personal touch and care on it.

About Eric

 My name is Eric Yi Lin. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1981. My family moved to Irvine, California when I was 14. My parents ran a successful trading company selling garden furniture. Their company built its own factories in China and has grown to 650 full time employees, and over 1 million square feet of manufacturing and shipping space. My father designed most of the products himself, so I guess I got the artistic gene from him. However, instead of accepting the family fortune and take over the family business with my brother, I stubbornly went on my own path to become an artist. I guess it’s the artist blood inside of me that makes me want to create something, whether is art or career path!

 After graduating from art school in 2007, I started to send out resumes and call companies for a job instead of settling for what’s handed to me. Since then, I worked from motion graphic design, illustration, videography to digital art for video games. I thought I was doing well when I see my name in the credit roll of Halo 5 until one day I woke up and decided that:

 Enjoy the great outdoor of Pacific Northwest

Enjoy the great outdoor of Pacific Northwest

 I want to create art that connect people to their memories and experiences.

My legit corporation photo

 Doing business is not my thing. I like to hide behind desk and close door to produce artwork. You will find me hanging out in the balcony alone in a cocktail party. I usually let my wife do the talking when we are with friends and relatives. But I want to connect to people who enjoy my art, and I can not do it by hiding in my cubicle! Here I am now, doing what I do best – paint. As well as running this online joint - Café Watercolor. My choice of medium is watercolor. It’s a perfect medium to capture realistic atmosphere and bring life to the subject. Café Watercolor is a place where I can have personal connection with you who enjoy my art, sharing my story and watercolor knowledge. 

 I am now happily married to my beautiful wife Betty. We have 3 boys whom I love to bits despite they drive me crazy everyday! I am in the beautiful city of Redmond in the evergreen state of Washington. Where beautiful sceneries inspire me every day.

 I want to paint what matters to you, and making connection with you through my art. I also teach watercolor through workshopsweekly newsletter/blog, and videosNow you know who I am and what I’m about, contact me to let me know who you are! Follow me on Snapchat for more about me and my art!

My Boys - Enoch and Eli

Family photo 2016

 2007 with my beautiful bride

2007 with my beautiful bride

Latest Activities

Bookmark Set

 My 9 year-old son loves to read. He could pick up a book and spend a long time on it. When he's done reading he would just lay the book down flat so he knows where to pick up next time. That leaves a lot of open books laying around our house. I tried to find a decent bookmark for him, but I just end up grabbing a scrap piece of paper...
 Physical book is much like traditional painting. They both have this tangible, aesthetic quality to them. This bookmark set is for you to enjoy my art and your favorite read or your journal at the same time. 

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Lovely owners of my art

Eric’s eye for detail stood out the moment I saw his first watercolor. I followed his page immediately on Facebook so I could see more of his work. He captures the beauty in his work and has a way of making you want to visit the places he is painting. He authentically enjoyed painting my daughter and it turned out magical. He is a kind and thoughtful person. I couldn’t love the painting more. It’s hanging in our entry which we get to enjoy multiple times a day. Anyone who comes in our home are greeted with this picture. We are so happy we have his art in our house.
— Jennifer Beeler, WA

Eric has the ability to capture not just how his subjects look, but how they make you feel. His works have an almost dreamlike quality, and are as close to tangible memories as anything I’ve ever seen. While not photorealistic, his pieces are emotionally realistic. If photos are a visual record, Eric’s work is a record of the heart. His pieces convey passion first, and appearance second, in incredibly beautiful harmony.
— Justin Michael, AZ

If you’re considering purchasing a print or original piece from Cafe Watercolor, stop considering. Do it! The artwork is beautiful and delivered with every level of thoughtfulness. Not only did I love the print that I purchased, which was very high quality and almost looked like an original, but Eric included an original piece with our order as a gift. Eric goes above and beyond to make your experience with his work a just as artful as the art itself.
— Kristiana Miller, Dublin Ireland

We just hung it up in the living and its perfect. Your work brings so much memory with it and its hard not to be taking back to that time in my life.
— David Bonnabel, CA

My friend’s mom passed away recently and as a gift for her, I commissioned one of Eric’s amazing watercolor paintings. Now her beauty will live on forever through his work. My friend was so thankful and had to hold back the tears when she saw the painting. “It looks just like the photo,” she said, “I love it.” Thank you Eric.
— Kelly Lockett, NJ


Weekly blog and monthly video

 I love to share what I know. Not only to benefit others but it also pushes me to produce more works and value! I have a weekly blog - Watercolor Wednesday, and monthly video on YouTube. If you find the content valuable, sign up and get my weekly newsletter and information about my upcoming live demo and workshop!

 Awarded as one of the top 60 Watercolor Blog by Feedspot.com

Awarded as one of the top 60 Watercolor Blog by Feedspot.com

 Awarded as one of the top 75 Watercolor  YouTube Channel by Feedspot.com

Awarded as one of the top 75 Watercolor  YouTube Channel
by Feedspot.com

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I get so much email everyday and many of them I just delete without even reading. Your emails I read word for word because they cause me to look at things differently. I always take away an important lesson for art and for life! Thanks so much for doing this.
— Jane Thilo
Thanks Eric for your great tutorials that you post.
— Linda Knodel
I’m thrilled I discovered you and your great informative newsletter. I am reading all the back post and find them refreshingly heartfelt and creatively honest. Foundational information and creative inspiration all in one place. Thank you Eric!!!
— Tracy Langeslay
I am so glad that I discovered your cafe watercolour site on YouTube, I believe. I am an artist, who like yourself, believes that art comes from the soul and can be shared and loved by many. I am very tired tonight but very happy to go to bed on beauty rather than watching the horrors of our crazy crazy world. So thank you and I love your work and look forward to learning more from your soon. Thanks again.
— Lorraine Hudson