A truly timeless capture of memories and emotion

 Torey with her portrait

 Nothing is more unique than having a piece of art made just for you! Whether it's an upscale gift for someone important, a truly unique home decor in your living room for your guests to see, something that compliment your great taste in your office, or you just simply want to own an original work of art, you are in the right place! 

Painting what matters to you

 We all have a special place on earth where precious memories were made. We all have someone who means the world to us. A painting of your special place or person is the best way to preserve those memories or feelings. While it is very easy to take photos and videos with today's technology, there is nothing quite like a painting that has artistic touch and care on it. Like a good piece of music, a good painting transcends you and bring you back to those memories and feelings that photograph and video can't.

 My objective as an artist is to create a piece of art that can give you the same experience when you hear your favorite music. 

I commissioned a painting as a Christmas gift for my husband. The walls in our new home in Taichung have been bare for quite some time and when I came across Eric’s work on Facebook I instantly knew this would be the perfect gift! I had never commissioned artwork from an artist before but Eric guided me through the entire process and together we were able to create a gorgeous piece for our home within 2 weeks time. The process started with a conversation via chat and email.

Since I live overseas, I was unable to meet with Eric in person, which also made me a bit nervous about the outcome of the painting. However, communication with Eric was easy and he was always sending me updates on the progress of the painting, which put me at ease! He was able to create something wonderful from all the random ideas and thoughts that I spewed at him, amazing! My husband and I love the unique painting that Eric has created for us! I highly recommend!!
— Dimay Chang, Taiwan

We’re absolutely blown away by the portrait of our daughter. It’s even more beautiful in person. It captures her personality perfectly in a way regular photographs cannot. The details and likeness are incredible. We will treasure it forever!
— Sarah Nee, CO

Eric’s eye for detail stood out the moment I saw his first watercolor. I followed his page immediately on Facebook so I could see more of his work. He captures the beauty in his work and has a way of making you want to visit the places he is painting. He authentically enjoyed painting my daughter and it turned out magical. He is a kind and thoughtful person. I couldn’t love the painting more. It’s hanging in our entry which we get to enjoy multiple times a day. Anyone who comes in our home are greeted with this picture. We are so happy we have his art in our house.
— Jennifer Beeler, WA

Eric has the ability to capture not just how his subjects look, but how they make you feel. His works have an almost dreamlike quality, and are as close to tangible memories as anything I’ve ever seen. While not photorealistic, his pieces are emotionally realistic. If photos are a visual record, Eric’s work is a record of the heart. His pieces convey passion first, and appearance second, in incredibly beautiful harmony.
— Justin Michael, AZ

This is seriously awesome you should see the detail up close. 😍❤️
— Sophia Lieberman, WA
We just hung it up in the living and its perfect. Your work brings so much memory with it and its hard not to be taking back to that time in my life.
— David Bonnabel‎, CA



 First, we will be going through detail about the painting. We will explore what the subject means to you and what/who is the painting for. It is an important stage because your story is what makes the painting special and one-of-a-kind! We can communicate through email, phone, Skype or even face to face if you are within the driving distance.


 After the meeting, I will be gathering necessary reference image to do the painting. This can be photos provided by you, or from the internet research. If possible I always like to see the subject with my own eyes, so that means I prefer to visit the place physically, or see the person who I am going to paint and take a few photos. One thing worth noting is that my style is not photo realism, so the painting will not be 1:1 as the photo. If it looks just like a photo, there's no need for a painting.

Work in progress update

 I will be setting up a custom client page where you can contact me directly with any question, concern. I will keep you update with my pencil sketch and painting in progress. However, because of the nature of watercolor, I am not able to take many work in progress photo. But it is important for me to show you how it's done and what to expect. This will also be the place where you can download the full size digital image when the painting is finished.


 Your painting includes the framing. I do custom framing with archival mat and uv, non-glare plexiglass and high quality wooden frame. 


 A 50% payment is required up front before I start and after our first meet up. When the painting is finish, I will be sending you a digital image of the finish product. I will ship the painting out to you once I receive the other 50% payment. Due to the nature of commission painting, I do not offer money back grantee. However, in the event of shipping damage, I will paint a new one for you free of charge once I receive the return shipment. I will be covering the return shipping fee. If for any reason you are not satisfy with the painting, I will do my best to work with you to make sure you are happy with your painting.

Let's get started on your one of a kind painting!

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