Hi, I'm Eric! Welcome to Café Watercolor!

 This is an online joint to enjoy some watercolor paintings, learn about painting watercolor, and perhaps take a painting home for you and your loved ones!

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Eric Lin - Café Watercolor Owner and Roaster

My Paintings

 Even though I try to tackle multiple different subjects. Scenery and People are my focus. Scenery gives you the immersive experience of the place, and portrait gives you an intimate connection with the person.

My Course

Watercolor Essential is a course that empowers you - an aspiring watercolor artist with the knowledge you need to start painting your favorite subject in watercolor!


My Videos

 I regularly share my paintings, technique, and stories on YouTube. You can see my detail painting process.

Awarded as one of the top 75 Watercolor YouTube Channel by Feedspot.com

Awarded as one of the top 75 Watercolor YouTube Channel
by Feedspot.com

Watercolor Wednesday

 I love to share what I know. Not only to benefit others but it also pushes me to produce more works and value! I have a weekly blog - Watercolor Wednesday, and monthly video on YouTube. If you find the content valuable, sign up and get my weekly newsletter and information about my upcoming live demo and workshop!

I get so much email everyday and many of them I just delete without even reading. Your emails I read word for word because they cause me to look at things differently. I always take away an important lesson for art and for life! Thanks so much for doing this.
— Jane Thilo
I’m thrilled I discovered you and your great informative newsletter. I am reading all the back post and find them refreshingly heartfelt and creatively honest. Foundational information and creative inspiration all in one place. Thank you Eric!!!
— Tracy Langeslay

Weekly Blend

  I believe the experience of a piece of artwork is not complete without the context of the story. I don't paint something just because it "looks pretty". There is usually something about it that touches and inspires me. My goal is to have something for you to enjoy each weekend morning as you enjoy your morning coffee (or tea, juice, water, whatever you like). In doing so, I hope you can share your story with me. 

Awarded as one of the top 60 Watercolor Blog by Feedspot.com

Awarded as one of the top 60 Watercolor Blog by Feedspot.com

Here are some lovely owners of my artwork!

I commissioned a painting our 1st-anniversary gift. I was worried that Eric wouldn’t be able to capture both my husband and me together as well as the intricate background of Positano, Italy. Of course, he did it perfectly! Eric is so, so kind and thoughtful. He consistently updated me through every step of the process, including his mockup artwork. It brought both me and my husband to tears. Eric captured the landscape so perfectly, but also included the two of us in the piece. It was just perfect. Take the plunge and trust Eric with your commission. He will not let you down, and he will ask enough questions so you truly feel 100% comfortable with exactly what he’s painting and how.
Eric, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are such a talented artist and I look forward to following along with your career!
— Noel Perkins, TX

I commissioned a painting as a Christmas gift for my husband. The walls in our new home in Taichung have been bare for quite some time and when I came across Eric’s work on Facebook I instantly knew this would be the perfect gift! I had never commissioned artwork from an artist before but Eric guided me through the entire process and together we were able to create a gorgeous piece for our home within 2 weeks time. The process started with a conversation via chat and email.

Since I live overseas, I was unable to meet with Eric in person, which also made me a bit nervous about the outcome of the painting. However, communication with Eric was easy and he was always sending me updates on the progress of the painting, which put me at ease! He was able to create something wonderful from all the random ideas and thoughts that I spewed at him, amazing! My husband and I love the unique painting that Eric has created for us! I highly recommend!!
— Dimay Chang, Taiwan

Eric has the ability to capture not just how his subjects look, but how they make you feel. His works have an almost dreamlike quality, and are as close to tangible memories as anything I’ve ever seen. While not photorealistic, his pieces are emotionally realistic. If photos are a visual record, Eric’s work is a record of the heart. His pieces convey passion first, and appearance second, in incredibly beautiful harmony.
— Justin Michael, AZ