What NOT to do to keep the wash clean

 A first clean wash is really important for a successful painting. If your first wash is dirty, it not only affects the look of the painting, it also affects your moral negatively! Imagine you set up your painting materials and did a good drawing. Then comes the first wash. All seems well and good until you did something irreversible and messed up the first wash. It will really kill your motivation to continue painting. The thing is, it’s not so much about what you should be doing to keep the wash clean, is more about what you should NOT do.  

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Course in production - Watercolor Wednesday on pause

 The reason I am very determent to include the fundamental drawing in the course is because it is essential for producing a good painting.  It is one thing that hinders many students to be able to focus on learning to paint with watercolor. Simply put, if you are struggling with fundamental knowledge of perspective, lighting, and surface material, you can't focus on painting watercolor! Many people are frustrated that they are not able to paint the subject they are passionate about. They don't know how to approach it, where do they start, what's the essential element to it and how to simplify it.

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If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail

 The more I paint, the more I understand the importance of planning. I argue that's probably the main difference between a successful and an unsuccessful painting. When people ask me questions like: Why does my painting looking muddy? How do I paint a loose painting? Why does the painting never turns out the way I want? I can tell the lack of planning is the major contributor of these issues.

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