Principles and Value

Confidence boost along the journey

 There are so many things we can compare with other people. As an artist, I often compare myself to many other artists. As a YouTuber, I also compare my content and channel with other YouTubers. However, I know this is a mental trap I need to avoid. The art world is not a zero-sum game. Just because someone's work got praised or sold doesn't mean I become less of an artist. And just because someone's YouTube channel is getting more subscribers doesn't mean my channel is losing followers.

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Beginner's mind

 One of the things I really come to appreciate in America is education. I feel that as long as you are willing and ready to learn, there are always resources available for you. When I was in college, I have classmates who are 10 or even 20 years older than me and the instructors. They were excited to learn new things. They weren't working toward a degree like I was, but almost all of them are more engaged in the class than I did. This culture of always learning really effects me. After I graduated from college and received my degree, I continue to learn anything that will push me to become a better artist. Recently I am learning about business as an artist. The instructor reminds me throughout the lessons to have a beginner's mind. I might've heard the information elsewhere, but I should listen again anyways. I can still discover something new. 

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Don't loose sight of your priority.

 I am constantly living in between prolific artists and people who are busy with their lives in general. As an artist, I follow other artists on social media (Facebook, Instagram). And it is not unusual that I see some artists sharing new beautiful works every day. While I am happy to see new artwork from them every day, the little voice inside of me almost always ask me "look at them, they paint way more than you do, what are you doing?" However, I know for a fact that some of them are able to do so because they have more time then I do. Many of them are single, they don't have 3 kids, and they don't have other works. I on the other hand do. 

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