It's not about the new years resolution, it's about being consistent!


 Welcome to 2017! Everyone has a fresh start, set big plan and big goal, and start working on the new years resolution we set a few days ago. But if you really think about it, the calendar year are somewhat man made. It is for us to be able to look at time in a more structural way so we can measure, schedule and reference better. If we strip out all the date and the numbers, the difference between December 31, 2016 and January 1, 2017 is not as big as what people, media and all the marketing campaign made of it. In this day of age we are easily overwhelmed by all the big waves of excitement, but it is easy to forget that we are the one that's going to make this year better then the last. Nothing miraculous happens just because it's a brand new year. I am not going to be a better artist all the sudden just because I made a new years resolution. It's not about starting new thing, it's about me adding the woods to the fire. As I mentioned numerous time...

Consistency is the key to become a better artist.

 This happens far too many times in my life: I set a new New Year Resolution. I start off strong in the first week and maybe the first month. At some point I lost my momentum, and experience the agony of fruitless attempt to reach my goal. What really happen was I had a emotional boost to start a long journey of something great. But the journey is not a short sprint, it's a marathon. When we drop out in the middle of a marathon, we're not only forfeit the race, but we waste all the time and energy we spent on it. Maybe the following year we can try to do the same thing. But the race doesn't start where we left off, it starts from the beginning! Which means we are starting all over again! I started this weekly blog an year ago, started my YouTube channel about 7 months ago. It's not until recently I starting to get more attention. I will be soon forgotten if I drop all these works now!

I would like to invite you join me as I continue this long artistic journey! Go to my YouTube channel and subscribe, follow me on Instagram and share my website! here will be many new great contents coming up! Monthly YouTube Video will turn into weekly video this year. Instagram will not just be a place where I share my work, but I will be hosting live painting demo there as well. I will also be adding more products and even an online course this year! And I don't want you to miss out on any of these!