What are we sending out to the world today?




 A while back I came across a heart breaking story of a parents lost their baby girl due to heart failure. I knew about their story through a mutual friend. Without much thinking, I decided to do a painting of their daughter and send it to them as my love and prayer. They were very surprised and graciously accepted the painting. I knew this painting won't change anything, but in a time like this, I think they need as much support as they need.

 If love is an universal language, then art is the written form of that language.

 If Love is an universal language, then art is the written form of that language. Being an artist, we have the privilege to send that language out. Everyday on the social media, people are sending out hateful, judgmental and depressing messages. It is not my position to be political, but we'd kid ourselves if we pretend this world is in peace and harmony. There are artists out there producing works that are provocative, offending, and shocking. While I do think everyone has their freedom of speech, and every artist has their right to produce the type of work they want, I want to encourage you to create works that sending out a positive message.

Art is universal, but also very personal

 It doesn't have to be a huge, profound, and deep statement. It can be however, about something that someone care and means a lot to them. Love and art is an universal language, but it can be a very personal one. In this day of social media and internet, many people want to be famous and pulling their hair trying to create arts that caters everyone. But many forget that quite a few of old masterpieces are very intimate and personal subjects. If you want your art to touch people, start with an individual. That person can be a family, friend or even a client. Back in the Christmas, I wrote a post about painting makes a great gift. In that short post I talked about what to think of when giving someone a painting as a gift. I hope that post can help you figuring out what to paint for an individual. But whatever your art is going to focus on, make it a positive one!

 How powerful it is, that we are able to produce works that can make others feel good when we live In the world that medias are making their revenue off tragic news and shock value. We artist has such an important moral responsibility to show leadership and inspiration to the world, so ask ourselves this - What are we sending out to the world today?