There's no magic bullet


 Everyone is looking for that magic bullet, or magic trick to make their work look better. Everyone wants shortcut or 5-steps to become a painting master. While I am a firm believer of deliberate practice, it's important to know that you still need to invest your time into it. Painting, like many other skills, is obtained and mastered by doing. Sure, talented people might reach higher skill level faster, but I also know many talented people who never get as good as they can be because they don't put in the time for it. 

 I have a few photographer friends who share their beautiful works online. One of the most common questions they get is "What camera do you use?" Ironically, my friends were just using their phones to capture those breathtaking images. I also received similar questions such as "what paper do you use?", "what's your color palette?", "what brush and size do you use?". I do reply them and actually make it part of my PDF guide. However, many times I want to reply and say "it doesn't really matter". Because this is not some artistic secrete or trick. Not everyone will paint the same given the same materials. Don't get me wrong, having good materials is important and can make your painting experience better with more desirable results. However, that's not the key element to a good painting. Same thing as different techniques and tricks. Say you want to be a musician, so you get the best instrument you can afford and you learn how to play a specific note that you love. But that doesn't allow you to play the entire piece of music fluently. If you don't know where to fit the note in the music, you are just making a sound. 

 I don't want to discredit anyone who is sharing any sort of painting technique and material tips. I share them as well. But the core of all those knowledge is a solid fundamental skill that requires you to invest time to develop. With the right type of guidance and training, you can get there sooner, but you don't obtain them by following a few steps or getting a specific material. To me, that's what makes it more valuable and unique. Because not everyone can obtain it with easy. Only a few willing to put the time into it. Therefore, if you are someone who is committed and willing to put the time into the fundamental, that already put you in the group of a few that will become a good artist. And that is the journey we are in together!