Live stream recording and course update


After making the poll on both YouTube and Twitter. I see that most people want to see me paint water. Although I am still going to do a cloud painting, we’ll start with the water subject! I did a live stream on YouTube. This past Sunday, quite a few people showed up and kept me company which I really appreciate.

I do understand my live stream time is not the best for everyone. Therefore, if you missed out on my last live painting demo, you can watch the recording now. It is an uncut, unedited video, so it is about 50 minutes long. I do hope you enjoy it. Click the preview image above or HERE to watch the video.

Back to working on the online course again soon

Since I just moved and having 2 commission paintings lately, I wasn’t able to spend much time on updating my online course. I am going to finish both commission paintings this week, so I’m able to go back to update my online course. Again, if you are already my student who has enrolled my Watercolor Essential Course, you are already going to get all the updates for free. If you are not yet enroll in the course, I am considering to do a pre-release so that you can enroll early at the current price of $199. Once I finished the whole update. the price will be increase to $249. Let me know if you will be interested to have early access. Also let me know if you have any question about the course. I look forward to hear from you!