Don't loose sight of your priority.

Holding, 12x16, Available  here

Holding, 12x16, Available here


 As an artist, I follow other artists on social media (Facebook, Instagram). And it is not unusual that I see some artists sharing new beautiful works every day. While I am happy to see new artwork from them every day, the little voice inside of me almost always ask me "look at them, they paint way more than you do, what are you doing?" However, I know for a fact that some of them are able to do so because they have more time then I do. Many of them are single, they don't have 3 kids, and they don't have other works. I on the other hand do. 

 This may sound like an excuse. But I have to face my limitation on time and availability. I enjoy painting a lot. I often start to feel unfulfilled and sometimes even depressed if I go on for a week without produce anything. However, it all comes down to the purpose of why I paint and started my art business, and that is for my family. I have a family to take care and it is my duty and responsibility to provide and take care of them and give them the best I could. As much as I am passionate about watercolor painting, this passion of mine should never come at the expense of my family. 

 I know artists who sacrifice their family because of their passions, works or even hobbies. While I don't want to judge others and I believe everyone has right to live the way they desired, I do believe their priority is a bit off. Most artists are on a constant journey to master their art. As do I, and I understand the frustration when life gets in the way. However...

 When I reach my destination one day, I do not want to look back and see a ruin, but a flourished garden.

 I become an artist to bring value and enrichment to people, and that include the people who are closest to me. It felt just like yesterday when my oldest kid was still a baby, yet he is in third grade now. I can miss a painting or two, knowing that I can paint again later, but clock won't turn backward for me to spend time with my children and wife. And for that reason, I need to work at my own pace. Again, this isn't an excuse for us not to be more active and paint when we have the time. I wrote a blog in the past about what to do when life gets in the way. But because I want to be able to paint with joy and peace knowing that my family is well loved and taken care of, I choose to put them as the top priority. So don't feel bad if you have more pressing and important things to take care of other than painting. You are investing in the people you care about the most and you will receive their blessings on your artistic journey with blessings. On the other hand, if you are single, retired or no kid, embrace your free time and be productive!

New YouTube video

 I'm really excited to give you a new painting video on my YouTube channel.
This is another quickie which is around 15 minutes. I am working on a longer scenery painting video, stay tune!