Sneak peek of my up coming course

 As you know I am working on an online course. I am planning to release the course August this year. Many show interest and want to learn more about it. The course will be a series of video lessons. We will be tackling one topic at a time for each lesson. I thought I share with you the list I have so far! Keep in mind that this is still work in progress, but you can already see there are A LOT of things I will be covering with the course:

Fundamental of Drawing

 This part of the course will be focus solely on the fundamental drawing skill. Or some might say "the dry and boring stuff". But I believe it is very important to go over these fundamental skills before we start dabble the paint. Since the course is about painting believable watercolor painting. Having a solid fundamental skill to analyze form, space and able to draw them is a must.

  • Perspective
    • Form
    • Space
  • Lighting
  • Line quality
  • Edges
  • Surface material


 This section will be all about watercolor. This will be a step by step showing you the property of watercolor. Getting familiar with how watercolor work will help you to work with it instead of trying to control it! The difference between this then most live workshop and my usual painting video is that I will be showing you the skill and giving you the tool. Learning from painting demo is great. But you will only learn how to paint that specific painting and subject. Learning how the watercolor work and have a good understanding is far more important than learning how to paint a specific painting. This way, you will be able to apply the knowledge you learn in the course for your own subject and painting!

  • Materials and set up
    • Workspace
      • Easel
      • Lighting
      • Reference
    • Materials
      • Drawing
      • Paper
      • Brush
      • Paint, palette
      • water and spray
  • Washes
    • Layering/glazing
    • Water and paint ratio
    • Timing
  • Edges
    • Wet on wet
    • Wet on dry
    • Soften edges
  • Color
    • Basic color theory
    • My palette
    • Mixing warm and cool greys


 This section is the advance knowledge. After you learn the fundamental drawing and painting, the next step is to learn about design. That doesn't mean you are designing product or invent new things. Design simply means how to compose and execute your painting to makes it more personal than the real life reference you are painting it from.

  • Composition
    • Depth
    • Scale
    • Contrast
    • Rules of third and Golden ratio
  • Visual language
    • Analyze the form
    • Simplify
    • Loose description
  • Design
    • Story telling
    • Shape

 Each lesson may contain multiple bullet points that I listed. But I am going to keep each video lesson under 5 minutes. So that you can have a bite size of information each lesson for you to digest. Hope this gives you a better idea of what the course will be. If you have anything else that you want to learn that's not listed here, feel free to let me know either by reply this email or comment this post on my website!