update and new painting video

 Weather hasn't been really good here this year. Besides the usual rain, it's cold for a longer period of time  than previous years. My three boys has been passing around germs for the recent months. Now my wife and I caught the bugs as well. Getting sick is not fun (even though I enjoy it just a little when I was a kid because I dislike school). But it happens to all of us. Despite our effort to be as productive as possible, life always gets in the way.. I wasn't able to do a new painting for the past two weeks, and I felt horrible. But I realize my first priority right now is to straighten things out. Start by knocking down what's hindering me one by one. Focusing on recovering, getting back to healthier routine and take care the things around the house.

 There are many things I've planed to do 

 The above is my newest YouTube painting demo video, I hope you enjoy that! That painting is one of my favorite painting to date, so I'm really look forward to share the process with you. =)