Course in production - Watercolor Wednesday on pause


 These drawings are the demos I did for the up coming online course which is in production right now. They are all part of the fundamental drawing lessons. As you know I am planning to release a watercolor course sometime in August this year. You can see the list of lessons here

 The reason I am very determent to include the fundamental drawing in the course is because it is essential for producing a good painting.  It is one thing that hinders many students to be able to focus on learning to paint with watercolor. Simply put, if you are struggling with fundamental knowledge of perspective, lighting, and surface material, you can't focus on painting watercolor! Many people are frustrated that they are not able to paint the subject they are passionate about. They don't know how to approach it, where do they start, what's the essential element and how to simplify it.

The purpose of my course is to empower you - an aspiring watercolor artist, with the knowledge you need to start painting your favorite subject in watercolor!

 Many of the watercolor tutorials and DVD out there are more subject based. The artist will paint the subject of their choice for us to see. Some of them are very inspiring to watch. But very rarely do those tutorials provide the necessary knowledge for viewers to get started. Yet those are probably some of the most important things to learn. This is one of the biggest reason why you can't get a similar result when you try to mimic what the masters did in the videos.

 The fundamental knowledge in my course are the essence of what I've acquired throughout the past 10 years as an artist. And I utilize those knowledge everyday in my works and paintings. Because of my understanding of the core fundamentals, I can focus on pursuing the art of painting!  Imagine you want to take a road trip, visiting different places, enjoying the sceneries and cultures along the way. You've prepared everything that you need for this trip from clothing, map, money to food and drink. But now you realize you don't know how to drive! How frustrated will you feel? And that's exactly many people are experiencing when they are trying to learn watercolor. With problem like this, master watercolor workshops and DVDs are not going to offer much help.

 Due to this reason, my blog will be on pause until the course is release. However, I will be sharing some contents of my course with my email subscribers! (If you got this blog post in email form that means you are in the list!) And also do follow my YouTube channel, as I am going to add some new videos soon!