Moving in progress

My heart and my prayer go out to the people in Huston flood, West coast wild fire, and people in Florida that are facing the upcoming Hurricane Irma. It is a trying time for all of us, I wish everyone stay safe. For people who are not effected, I encourage you to take action to support either physically or financially! Let's all do our part to help.


 This is a quick and short update! Now that we are 3 away from the online course launch. As I am wrapping up the launch content, I'm also tackling another huge task ahead of me and my family - moving. I am moving from a over-priced 3 bedroom apartment to a decent size house. The kids will be going to a great school and my wife will have a more comfortable house to live in. The most exciting thing for me in this house though, is that the owner of the house converted half of the garage into this beautiful studio space with great lighting and lots of electric outlets!

 Because of the move, I have to take a pause on the YouTube video and to live with limited internet access for about two weeks. But I am really optimistic about what I can do with this wonderful studio space and set up. I've mentioned in my previous blog post, you do not need a elaborated and full blown studio to do a good painting. As long as you have a dedicated space that's ready to go, that will be enough. However, Café Watercolor has really grown from last year. I no longer just paint, I also need to edit video, making course and products. You can expect lots of good public content for this blog, YouTube and great exclusive contents for the course! 

 I really appreciate your interest, support and feedback. When I started Café Watercolor, my vision is to create a community of watercolor artists to come together to learn, share and support each other. This place couldn't have grown if it wasn't for you, so again, thank you!