Exciting future of Café Watercolor

 We are a few days away from entering October 2017. This summer has been quite eventful, and I would like to share it with you. 

The move

 This past month was all about the great move. Moving with 3 kids is definitely a challenge. My wife and I want our kids to move to a place where they can have good space to have fun and good school to go to. I also needed to find a place with good space for my studio. We were truly blessed as we came across a wonderful place within the school district that we like. The owner converted 1/2 of the garage to a studio space which is perfect for me. We made the move in a very short period of time, so it really drain us out. But seeing my new studio space and got everything setup got me really pumped to create more content!

Setup for live painting demo

 Since I started to share my painting video, from Snapchat to YouTube. I been getting many good feedback and people are asking for more. This become a major part of what I do in Café Watercolor. Because of this, I invested in some new equipment enable me to do live stream. If you are not sure what live stream is, it is basically a live broadcast video. What it means is that after I turn on the light and camera, I can hit the live button and you can see me painting live! You can of course watch the recording, but when you watch it live, you can interact with me in real time. I am aiming to do this once a week! And I hope this will be one of the show that you will tune in! ;)

Course update

 My online course was launched this month. This definitely took a lot of time and effort to produce during this summer. There are quite a bit of launch content for students who enrolled the course. However, I have no intention to stop, there are a lot more content I want to add to this course. With the new studio and video equipment setup, I will be able to start producing the additional content. There are many more topic I want to cover, but the first piece of content I want to add is visual language. "How to do a loose painting" is the number one question that I received. And I believe the development of visual language is the major factor of this.

Art Show and Charity


 My painting- Shibuya, Tokyo has won the Best in Show at the employee art show in Microsoft. I am extremely honored and humbled by it. There are 6 Juries in this show including some great artists and gallery owner. It was during the frightening time when the Hurricane Irma hitting the east coast. I decided to donate the wining piece to the Microsoft annual charity auction. I hope the painting will find a good home, but more importantly, I wish the money that's going to raise will contribute to help the people in need.

New YouTube video and painting giveaway

 As I am writing this, my YouTube channel subscribers had grown into 11,446. As a celebration and appreciation for your support, I decided to do a giveaway! Just go to the video, like and leave a comment about the most important tip you have learned from any of my video. 

 I'm really exciting of what's coming to Café Watercolor in the near future. I appreciate you and your support throughout this year. I can't wait to share another painting, blog post or video with you!