Live demo via internet


 We are fortunate to live in the generation with advance technology. As mentioned from my last blog post, I have set up my computer capable for live streaming. So far I had 2 live demo. One private session for my workshop students from my course, and one public session for everyone. It was a wonderful, yet stressful experience. Even though I don't physically see the people around me, I know they are watching. The pressure was real, I had to explain what I am doing as well as pulling off a decent painting. However, I had a great time interacting with people in real time. Although I prefer to paint at home alone and completely focus on my painting, hearing people telling me how much they've learned and enjoy is very rewarding.

 Giving out small tips on painting with blog post is nice, but live demo capable of so much more. I can show you things visually and in context! Quite often when we learn something new, we are not sure how to apply it in our own way. The live demo fill that gap wonderfully. My last live painting demo took about 90 minutes. With that 90 minutes I was able to share things before, during and after the painting. I was able to touch on the subject such as creating atmosphere, working on layers, and some visual language. The best thing about live demo is I can answer your question in real time! That makes it more than a demo, but also a Q&A session. 

 I encourage you to join my next live demo. I am planning to do it once every other week. Most likely Wednesday evening. I know it will be too late for some people in different timezone, so let me know what time is ideal for you? I will plan for a better time after I gather people's preference.